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Good Code

Good, clean code is the foundation for any SEO strategy. No voodoo, no sly techniques. Every website I build comes equipped with this foundation already in place. If you have concerns about your websites foundation, let’s go over some areas where we can trim the fat and beef up the stuff people are really looking for.

Keyword & Content Development

Gone are the days when meta keywords were king. They’re still important, of course, but your content is what we’re really looking for. Crafting great copy with keywords that your target audience is Googling for will get you the traffic you need. We’ll make it relevant, useful, and current so your audience can find you.

Social Networking

Social networking allows you to reach out to an audience who are looking for the services you offer. Let’s set up your social networking presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and connect your website to share your ideas and reach your consumers.

Link Exchange

Linking to useful information from another source not only helps to increase traffic, but provides your visitors with more information. Do you have a partnership with another website? Link exchanges are also a great way to boost your ratings.


While not exactly considered  SEO, ads can be an excellent way to generate attention. Google ads and purchased ad space on other websites relevant to your target demographic give you an added edge. Let’s work on an ad strategy that’ll get you noticed.

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Erica Fisher

Erica Fisher

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